Playoff Primer: The Rankings

Playoff Primer: The Rankings

As was discussed in Playoff Primer, Part One, the next installment of the three-part series will be positional rankings for playoff leagues. The method involved coming up with a per-game player expectations, then estimating the number of games each team will play based on playoff odds, with a further adjustment for players who are routinely platooned.

Positions are determined from NFBC's playoff contest eligibility.

The initial set is pre-wild card since some leagues include the wild card games in their drafts. Most leagues do not, so the rankings will be adjusted after the NL wild card concludes Tuesday Wednesday night.

Part Three will be some general observation after I have a chance to digest the final set. Look for that on Thursday morning.

UPDATED: Thursday, October 7, 1:30 AM ET

The update eliminated the Yankees and Cardinals as well as incorporating the most recent odds to win each series. To help frames the adjustments, this is the order of teams most likely to win the World Series:

  • Dodgers
  • Astros
  • Rays
  • Giants
  • White Sox
  • Brewers
  • Braves
  • Red Sox

The projected points scored are adjusted accordingly.


1Will SmithLAD
2Yasmani GrandalCWS
3Buster PoseySF
4Mike ZuninoTB
5Austin BarnesLAD
6Jason CastroHOU
7Francisco MejiaTB
8Omar NarvaezMIL
9William ContrerasATL
10Travis d'ArnaudATL
11Manny PinaMIL
12Martin MaldonadoHOU
13Christian VazquezBOS
14Zack CollinsCWS
15Curt CasaliSF
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